Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, LLC Implements State-of-the-Art RFID Investor Tree Tracking Program

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Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods, LLC Implements State-of-the-Art RFID Investor Tree Tracking Program


Honolulu, HI—May 5, 2010—Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods (HLH) is in the process of Implementing the

first of its kind, RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Tree Tracking Database so that investors in the HLH Koa reforestation project can track and monitor the progress of their investment in real time.


Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods’ IT (Information Technology) specialists are integrating their proprietary system that includes a GPS / GIS (Global Positioning System / Geographic Information System) plantation-wide mapping system where each Koa tree planted will be equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification). The RFID program means that each individual tree is equipped with a computer signature, which will track ownership, growth, maintenance, lumber-yield and pedigree for the tree owner. The GPS / GIS system will locate each tree by an exact set of geographic coordinates allowing the tree owner to locate their trees on maps and by satellite imagery.


“This high-tech program will give a level of comfort to forestry investors that has never been available before now,” says Jeff Dunster, CEO of Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods. “It is only a matter of time before Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods investors will be able to go online, by using programs like Google Earth, to look at their specific sustainable lumber investment from space and to pinpoint their specific stand. We fully expect the rest of the industry to follow suit within the next ten years,” he added.


The HLH project provides the unique opportunity for individuals and institutional investors alike to invest in Koa trees as a sustainable commodity by purchasing specific units (100 Koa trees per unit). HLH has made it possible for this investment opportunity to be accessible to a wide range of investors and investment vehicles including trusts, IRAs and 401Ks. While this is a 25-year project, profits are realized along the way through thinning and harvesting. HLH is currently offering tree lots for the 2010 planting season.


More about Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods: The HLH Plantation is located 34 miles north of Hilo, above historic Umikoa Village on the slopes of Mauna Kea. The 2700-acre sustainable forestry project will support the growth of 1.3 million rare tropical hardwood trees, primarily Koa, indigenous only to Hawaii. The planting site was once a magnificent Koa forest and was the personal property of King Kamehameha I. This old growth forest was almost lost to clear-cut harvesting and cattle grazing. Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods is working to return this site to its former glory. For more information, visit www.hawaiianlegacyhardwoods.com  http://www.hawaiianlegacyhardwoods.com or contact HLH by phone at (877) 707-TREE (8733) or (808) 595-8847 or via the Internet at info@hawaiianlegacyhardwoods.com.



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