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The Legacy of A Forest

The reasons to plant a forest of tree’s is entirely up to the planter. We ask our environmentalist how big are your hearts and how important is it to save and preserve our endemic forest. Each and every one of us plant tree’s for our own reasons. Some of us understand that making a measurable difference may require much more than planting a single tree. If a single tree isn’t fitting to emphasize your commitment to earths rare environments, then we encourage you to plant a dedicated forest. Plant trees for your extended family, company, student body or community to show the extent of your love for the forest. We’ve had people plant 100 tree’s, we’ve had people dedicate a forest of 1,000 tree’s. Let us know how we can help you plant a forest.


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2018 Lone Koa

Here the lone Koa in 2010, sitting lonesome…

awaiting the growth of its keiki.

Building a forest from the ground up..

At Hawaiian Legacy, we become the glue that helps to bond the already strong interest to be a closer part of our island beauty. As we bridge the passions between our partners and their commitment our islands’ natural beauty, we can see the opportunity to bring closer the marriage we, as people, have to the lands that play host to our habits.