‘Ahu ‘ula O Ke‘eaumoku Pāpa‘iahiahi

On display at the


In 2014, Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative (HLRI) commissioned the second collection of featherwork art reproductions, a replica of the cape and helmet of Hawaiian High Chief Ke‘eaumoku Pāpa'iahiahi.

The collection was dedicated in a private ceremony and blessing at the Kahala Hotel & Resort on Oahu Island on September 23rd, 2015, where it will remain on permanent display.

The cloak measures 60 inches in length and 108 inches in width at its base. It contains approximately 200,000 individual Lady Amherst Pheasant feathers 

 “The High Chief Ke‘eaumoku Pāpa‘iahiahi lived from 1736–1804 and was instrumental in helping King Kamehameha I ascend to the throne as Hawai'i’s first king, but no known featherwork pieces or depictions exist of his full cloak, so I spent months researching the design around the back that correlates with the front sections shown in Brook Kapukuniahi Parker’s painting,” said San Nicolas. “I sought advisement from experts at the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Honolulu when starting the collection. It is such an honor to work on this project, and it represents a critical continuation of Hawaiian featherwork.