The Golden Cloak O Kamehameha

On display at the


In 2013 Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative commissioned the first collection of featherwork art reproductions; a cape, sash and helmet worn by King Kamehameha I.

The pieces were dedicated in a private ceremony and blessing at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai on Hawaii Island, where they will remain on display in a custom created koa wood case by award winning wood artisan Alan Wilkinson, along with a rare uhiuhi wood spear crafted by traditional Hawaiian weapon maker Manny Mattos.

The cape, which measure 60 inches in length, uses nearly a quarter million individual golden breast feathers from Chinese golden pheasants. The sash, which is nearly 12 feet long and six inches wide, is feathered on both sides featuring the reddish-orange feathers of the Lady Amherst pheasant in addition to those of the golden pheasant. The hand-woven helmet is made entirely of golden pheasant feathers.

“This three piece collection represents more than 4,500 hours of work, including the help of a master weaver and a small team of assistants in preparing the feathers,” said artist Rick San Nicolas.