Sunrise Koa Jewelry Box

Sunrise Koa Jewelry Box


A jewelry box handcrafted by highly acclaimed wood artisan, Alan Wilkinson, is a sought after item. Wilkinson has been creating and designing gorgeous Koa pieces in Hawaii from the 1960's and has commissioned projects for a lengthy list of high-end clientele. Prince William was a recipient of one of Wilkinson's creations, a high chair fit for royalty.

The first box brandishes a deep red Koa for the body, and blonde Koa trim. Inside, a complimentary maroon velvet liner and removable round insert tray to hold a wide range of varying shaped jewelry are found. 

The second box exhibits the traditional brown coloring of Koa, and reflects Wilkinson's sunrise design in a more dramatic fashion. This box includes a removable square tray insert and maroon velvet liner.  

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